Bringing natural stones into your lifestyle


For centuries, stones have been used by nearly all civilizations. Each layer in every corner of the earth yields a multitude of stone varieties and a uniqueness within each stone, giving you a vast palette of possible application and creating your master piece.

The colour, pattern, texture and other properties of every natural stone is obtained with thousands of years of atmospheric pressure and geographical conditions. Hence, these are not just a design material it is much more than that.

Our designer stone tiles are delivered and applied with the best finish and quality which is widely used for interiors, exteriors and landscapes in various types of projects such as residential, commercial and institutional.


Natural stones have the capability of converting even the simplest of spaces into giving a rich and classy look.

How many types of natural stones are available? There are many types of natural stones such as granites, marbles, sand stones, lime stones, slates etc., which are also available in various colours.

There is absolutlely zero maintenance, as the natural stones can withstand any climatic conditions. Just water washing once in a while is enough.

Are there any benefits of using natural stones for interiors & exteriors? All natural stones have high thermal mass, that means it helps keeping the surroundings cooler in summer and warm in winter. They are also excellent in sound absorption.

The price varies with different types of stones and the type of design pattern. For more details visit our nearest showroom.